Nov 12, 2009

Facebook chat symbols

There are some symbols that can be used when chating on Facebook. These symbols are not actually part of the chat, but you can get them by typing a code in your computer keyboard. If you have a destop computer then all you have to do is type number on numeric keypad while holding down the alt button. If on the other hand you own a laptop, then you must press alt + fn and then the number of the desired symbol. Note that this only works by pressing the codes on numeric keypad, and not using the number above your querty.

1 ☺
2 ☻
3 ♥
4 ♦
5 ♣
6 ♠
7 •
8 ◘
9 ○
10 ◙
11 ♂
12 ♀
13 ♪
14 ♫
15 ☼
16 ►
17 ◄
18 ↕
19 ‼
20 ¶


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